A quality bar for drinks and dining by the bowling area, and a snack bar by the kids' park to satisfy your family's hunger.

Take a well-deserved break at one of the Snack bars at Seven Squares Paris, where delicious flavors meet the exciting energy of our activities. Our Snack areas are more than just a stop to satisfy cravings; they are culinary experiences designed to delight the taste buds and recharge everyone’s energy !

The bowling alley bar

Accompany your adventures with a refreshing break at the bar at Seven Squares Paris. From draft beers to creative cocktails, our bar offers a variety of drinks for every taste. Enjoy the lively atmosphere while sipping on your favorite beverage in our friendly space.

Located near the bowling alley and pool tables, our bar allows you to relax and indulge without missing a second of the activities around you. Whether you’re planning a casual break with friends or celebrating after a successful game, the bar at Seven Squares Paris is the perfect place!

The Snack at the Kids Park

After chasing pirates on Tortuga Island, enjoy a well-deserved meal at the Turtle Tavern!

Whether you’re craving delicious burgers, gourmet hot dogs, crispy fries, waffles, or delicious crepes, our varied menu has something to satisfy all cravings. Indulge in a tempting selection of culinary delights, designed to perfectly complement your action-packed day.