Move without limits in our 200m² room

Come and experience the next generation of VR room !

Our unrestricted gaming experience allows you to move freely throughout the entire 200m2 arena, giving you an unfiltered VR experience !

Welcome to the future of entertainment at Seven Squares Paris with our Free-Roam Virtual Reality (VR) room. In this immersive space, the boundaries between the virtual and the real blur, offering a gaming experience that transcends imagination.

A Boundless World to Explore

Unrestricted, cable-free, you’ll delve into captivating environments and face formidable foes!

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20-minute session

Zombie mode

Bar/snack available

Up to 10 players

Ages 10 and up

Revolutionary Technology

Our Virtual Reality room employs cutting-edge technology, combining ultra-realistic graphics with precise motion tracking. Equipped with wireless headsets and high-quality gear, you’ll find yourself completely immersed as you use your movements and body to interact with this dynamic virtual world.

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a curious novice, our Free-Roaming Virtual Reality room promises an unforgettable experience, where the extraordinary becomes reality. Come and discover the future of entertainment, where every step in the virtual world brings you closer to the extraordinary.


1 VR

  • 20-minute session
  • €15 when booked online

2 VR

  • 30-minute break between 2
  • €27 when booked online