Let go and return to childhood !

Rediscover a feast of retro and new age games !

Close your eyes and imagine the arcade of your dreams: We’ve made it !

Welcome to our Arcade Zone, a true paradise for retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of new experiences! With a collection of arcade machines, pinball machines, and much more, our Arcade Zone is the place where gamers of all generations can immerse themselves for hours.

2 rooms for double the choice!

With no less than 30 games spread across the two rooms, it’s impossible not to find something you love. From classics like Godzilla Pinball, Bonzini Foosball, or even Mario Kart… to the latest VR game Sailor’s Quest, hits like Need For Speed, Halo… you name it, there’s something for all ages and tastes.

Friendly Spaces

Whether you’re aiming for the high score or want to share the competition with friends, our Arcade Zones are friendly spaces where bonds are formed over games. The sounds of the pinball machines, the clinking of pucks, the vibrant lights of the arcade machines, and the palpable excitement create a unique and electrifying atmosphere found only in arcade halls!

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5 tokens


11 tokens


30 tokens


Tokens usable across all our arcades and in our other parks Seven Squares and L’Île de Tortuga.